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Private Hair Styling Lessons offered by Alisha Hopps

Personalized Hair Styling Lesson

Class overview:

During this personalized one-on-one class, I am going to show you my upstyling techniques as well as share my knowledge on the business aspect of hairstyling (because let's admit it's never just about the hair). After booking your class, you will be asked to fill out a quick form that will give me a better understanding of what YOU need and what I can do to make sure this class is valuable to you. I’ll share with you my step by step framework for elegant clean hairstyles and I’ll also show you the exact products and tools I use on all my brides to achieve the clean texture. All you need for this class is being IN LOVE with hairstyling and wanting to become better at it. Since you are already reading this class overview, it means you TRULY want to learn and I APPLAUD YOU for that!


Class details:

  • Location: 207 W Hastings St (Dominion Building)

  • Class duration is 3-4 hours

  • One upstyle demo followed by your recreation of it

  • You might need to book your own model for the recreating part of the class

  • Basic hair skills are required for this 1:1 class

  • You do NOT need to bring any of your own tools



$400 (tax incl.)



Please inquire here.

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