Bridal Services


*subject to change

Bridal makeup AND bridal hair: $340

Bridal makeup OR bridal hair: $230

Bridal trial for BOTH hair and makeup: $200 (up to 3 hours)

Bridal trial for hair OR makeup: $160 (2 hours)

Bridesmaid's makeup/mom of the bride: $130

Bridesmaid's hair/mom of the bride: $120

Groom: $40

Accessory rental: $30

Please note:

All rates include taxes. Eyelashes and a touch-up kit are included for everyone scheduled for the service.

The second look on the day of the wedding starts at $150. Please inquire for details.

A minimum booking fee of $250+ travelling fee applies to all wedding bookings. Please note, trials are not calculated towards the minimum booking fee. Trials are scheduled and charged separately.